Colfax showcases Data Driven Advantage (DDA) growth initiatives at the Hannover-Messe International industrial show

Colfax Corporation continues to derive success from the relationships established with Microsoft, and PTC, the industry benchmark in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to further its Data Driven Advantage (DDA) growth initiative and accelerate digital transformation.  Results of these efforts were on display at the recent 2018 Hannover-Messe International industrial show, where ESAB’s WeldCloud and CutCloud offerings and Howden’s Uptime were showcased.

Data Driven Advantage (DDA) is one of the key growth strategies across Colfax, with the goal of driving differentiation and adding value to both new and existing products / platforms through a multitude of capabilities enabled by inexpensive data collection, storing and processing technologies, and ground-breaking analytics.

Essential to the success of this DDA strategy are the enterprise-wide agreements that Colfax signed at the end of 2017 with both Microsoft and PTC, leveraging their combined portfolio that includes the Azure Intelligent Cloud, ThingWorx IoT, smart analytics, AI powered machine learning, augmented reality and much more.

This common toolset and innovation reference architecture was needed to transition the DDA initiative from experimentation to scaling, and to accelerate the business teams on innovating new applications. It was also important to implement a flexible infrastructure that supported the lean, federated management model used across Colfax, and to allow for on-boarding new acquisitions as efficiently as possible.

“Microsoft and PTC have a proven and flexible architecture in a wide range of production environments and deployment patterns (on-premises, cloud, hybrid), allowing us to adapt to the realities of our customers’ and our own business needs,” says Ryan Cahalane, Vice President of Digital Growth. “We have selected world-class partners for our solutions and will be deploying them in upcoming versions of Colfax companies’ solutions like Howden’s UpTime digital platform and ESAB’s WeldCloud and CutCloud.”

Entering into this collaboration with Microsoft and PTC allows accelerated development and provides access to a wealth of resources – the ability to leverage architects, security analysts and deep data science knowledge, and combine those capabilities with Colfax’s proven industry knowledge, provides our customers the ability to springboard into tangible benefits of IoT and analytics.

“We’re pleased to see Colfax’s investment in Microsoft’s cloud technology to enhance its digital platform,” said Caglayan Arkan, General Manager, Worldwide Manufacturing at Microsoft. “The trusted Azure cloud platform, combined with Colfax’s expertise in the air and gas handling and fabrication industry, help our mutual customers tackle challenges and achieve their business outcomes even faster.”